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1993 Ford Escort Wagon Fuse Issues?

Ok I am just about to buy this ford wagon witha good engine and good body and interior for $200

problem is that they took the radio out and shorted some fuses.

Went to test it once and the car did start and drive but when radio was removed some fuses shorted out and now it will not start, but it does crank and the lights still work.

But here is what does not work now : brake lights turn lights, hazzards, horn, and I suspect that one of the bad fuses is for the fuel pump.

I am bringing a set of interior and exterior fuses to give every single slot a new fuse. Is that all i need to look for or could there be other problems?

Somebody shorted wires. With your fuses, take a multimeter with a buddy who knows how to use it.

One other place to check for shorts in the wiring is the back hatch. There is bundle of wires that run from the car body into the hatch. After opening and closing the hatch many times, these wires can get some of their insulation scraped away, allowing shorts. The symptoms can be manifested in some weird ways, not always directly related. I have had to patch the wiring on my 97 Escort Wagon, as my Ford dealer tells me that the wiring harness is no longer available.