Fun Vanity Plate

I saw a Dodge Hellcat at afternoon drive time the other day. It had this vanity plate on it:


I can well imagine that the state (Maryland) could have nixed the real name because it contained one of those words they never allow. Maybe it was the second Hellcat owner with the same idea, by I think it was the former.

Vanity plates used in Car Talk Puzzlers:





The best one I ever saw was on a Porsche 944 in California.

HRMSWY (Harm’s Way)

It’s more likely that HELLCAT was already taken.
Many years ago I tried to get a vanity plate for my new '79 Toyota pickup and discovered that almost every variation of what I wanted was already taken.

When vanity plates first came out, the first one I remember seeing was on a white Rabbit, IMLATE

Good one.
But, than, I always did like “Alice in Wonderland”.

One of the ER nurses at the hospital I work at has a vanity plate that says “ER RN” :smiley: It’s gotten her out of some tickets before too!

I probably shouldn’t say anything lest I jinx myself, but military window stickers will prevent tickets for minor offenses too.

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I saw this one a few months ago. I had a chuckle


always wondered why you would want a plate like ford or chevy or infiniti? a friend lived in ND and got that for his infiniti. he got a lot of crap for having “ford” on his infiniti.

I used to have a vanity plate years ago in Georgia. I used it on 2 different cars…a 240Z and a Camaro Z28. It was 1FASTZ. I have never had another one.

My two favorites are.

  1. On a VW Bug - FEATURE (It’s for us computer geeks…It’s not a bug it’s a feature)

2 On an Infinity - ANBYOND (Infinity and Beyond).

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Not necessarily, my retired Navy sticker didn’t help when I got pulled over by a state trooper who was retired Air Force.

Well, nothing is 100%, but it has helped me in the past. :smile:

I remember seeing a license plate frame on a Porsche that said My other car is a VW.

So is his Porsche.

Datsun 240z plate I saw, (good divorce lawyer?) WASHISZ

I saw another plate that I like today:


He’s got a sense of humor.