Fun Car Pictures from the Interwebs


I saw this and decided I had to share it here. Enjoy.

I tried to use this one as my profile picture, but it was too small to read:

If you’ve got any cool automotive memes or pics to share, I’d like to see them.


Camry Corners A meme celebrating the county’s most common car - the Toyota Camry - and its driver’s skill in knocking in the corners of the car… like the picture below… far more often than the equally prolific Accord and Taurus. This meme has its own Facebook page.

Once I put this your head, you will see these everywhere!



I think I’ve seen more “Camry corners” on minivans than anything else. It’s hard to find a minivan where I live that doesn’t have one.


I wonder what would happen if this was in the US?


Yeah, that might qualify as an open container, which brings a hefty fine in a lot of states.



Technically the beer IS in the trunk I guess … lol …



For a minute I thought that was one of Will-I-Am’s abortions…


How 'bout this storm trooper?


What is an “Interwebs” ?


The internet. If you watched an episode of Fast n Loud, you’d know that from listening to Richard Rawlings do his Texas red neck schtick.


Allow me to answer you with memes.





Here’s one for you pros to hang in your shops:


I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry about this one.



Man, I thought the Miata teeth were out there. That’s amazing.


Then there is this… Mini Me General Lee