Fun Car Pictures from the Interwebs


What Miata . . . ?

Did I miss one?

Because the red car with the teeth is a Porsche 911


Oh, no, you didn’t miss a pic here. For awhile there Miatas were showing up with teeth in their smiling grilles:


The teeth aren’t just amazing, but blasphemy. That’s a 911 behind that “grill”. How could someone do that to a 911? Oh, OK, given the age of the photo, it could be a 912, but it’s still a terrible thing to do to a wonderful car. Those chiclets are so riveting, that someone might miss what they slaughtered to make their art car.

Love the cup positioning, BTW. I do that (no really!) in my Accord EX-L. Yeah, it’s got an I-4 with the CVT, but I can still spill the coffee if the sippy hole points towards the rear. Yeah, yeah, I hear ya (poser!!). But it does work, even for me.

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How does someone get into that pickup? I don’t see any hinges to tilt the cage. I guess it keeps the cows off the doors.

They’d have to climb over the cage.




As for those Prius drivers and “going green”

In my neck of the woods, it’s usually the Prius drivers acting like maniacs

Sure, they’re “saving the world” by driving a car which gets excellent fuel economy, but they’re endangering everybody else. And they’re doing everything in their power to get the lowest possible fuel economy for a Prius


Like driving 85 on a 70 mph freeway? Along with the Tesla drivers?

No . . .

Driving 60mph in a 35 zone

Cutting people off in a way which causes danger

blowing through red lights and stop signs

honking at people for absolutely no reason

speeding through residential neighborhoods, taking somebody else’s right of way, ignoring stop signs and endangering the residents is NOT okay. With any luck, these jerks will plow into a brick wall and hurt nobody but themselves. But as it is, they’re endangering everybody else

When I mentioned the word maniacs, I really meant it

Our speed limit here is 65 on the freeway. Lots of people go 15 over. I don’t get upset about it. I go 10 over.
I’m not getting upset about somebody going only slightly faster than me. I’m not sure why you even brought up your specific example . . . ?

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I’ve seen a couple of those, but I see a disproportionate number of priuses being driven normally at average speeds. They tend to blend in though and not get our attention.

I agree.
While they are not usually the tailgaters (tiny women driving HUGE SUVs are the major tailgating offenders, along with younger drivers of both sexes in either BMWs or VWs), I have noticed for a few years that–more often than not–Priuses are being driven in a very aggressive, unsafe manner.


The VW Beetle drivers of the 1960s have been replaced by today’s Prius drivers.

Let’s see how long this one lasts…



Just commenting in agreement!

I see similar things almost every day from “Pious” owners. Faster than traffic (80 is the norm, 85 gets everyone’s attention - including police), cutting in and out, acting stupid. I see Tesla drivers speeding but rarely doing the other stuff. Time will tell on that.

Eco my patootie!


He stole that from a plumber. :wink:

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A memorable advertisement.

Re the Prius. It’s all Toyota’s fault. They put out that silly ad where only a Prius cop car was fast enough to catch the crooks in the Prius. Those aggressively driven Priuses probably have fart cans on the exhaust, but how would we know?

It’s just decent enough that I don’t think it will get flagged, not by this group anyway. Maybe by a newbie or an interloper…

I think my new tires affect my gas mileage!

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One advantage, those big tires would protect from a lot of parking lot dings :wink: