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Fuel tank compatibility

Have an '02 and a '96 Saturn SL2. Need to know if the fuel tank is the same, or maybe the filler tube, as well.

For some reason the '02 is hard to put gas in. Seems to be creating back pressure to the pump at the gas station - so it’s difficult to fill 'er up.

My '96 is waiting to be junked.

That sounds like a vapor recovery system problem. It may be the charcoal canister (has someone been topping off the tank when they filed it up before the problem?) or it may be a problem with the filler hose or the anti-spill valve. The chance of a problem with the tank is remote.

BTW if you read the owner’s manual it will warn you about topping off the tank when you fill it up. You should stop filling a modern car the first time it clicks off.