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Fuel Stick

I recently picked up a flyer on Fuel Stick. It claims to improve fuel efficiency. Is this a scam, or does it really work?

Scam, guaranteed.


Show me ONE JUST ONE of the dozens of gas savings devices on the market that actually does what it says it does…

If each one of those doodads really saves 10 % mpg,
you could hook up ten of them together and use no fuel at all.

right ?

according to them !

No, the chance that it might work is slim to none and Slim just left town. Just because it is registered with the US EPA does not mean that the US government approves of it or has even tested it.

There is a guy who has a million dollar bounty on a fuel saving product or gizmo that actually does what the company making it says it does and can be proven. So far, no individual or company has taken him up on it because nobody has invented the magic bullet yet. Don’t waste your money.

“registered with the EPA” has NOTHING to do with it working. I checked, it’s registered because ALL fuel additives have to be registered:
“All gasoline and diesel motor vehicle fuel additives are required to be registered in accordance with the regulations at 40CFR 79. Gasolines are required to contain detergent additives which have been certified in accordance with the regulations at 40 CFR 80, Subpart G.”

The scams keep on coming and as per the usual they’re looking for distributors.
To insulate themselves a bit from complaints here’s a cut and paste about how they really feel. :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: Fuel Stick or the Fuel Stick Group of Companies will not endorse or honor any claims, representations or statements made by our affiliates.

I’ve still got a couple cow magnets that I strapped onto the fuel line back in 1976. When it didn’t work at least I had some very very good magnets left over.

"If each one of those doodads really saves 10 % mpg,
you could hook up ten of them together and use no fuel at all.

right ?

according to them ! "

Actually if they all actually did what they claimed…My 4runner should be GENERATING gas as I drive it.

You can never get to Zero by deducting less than 100 percent of something. If you deducted 99 percent 10 times there would still be a remainder. If you deduct 10 percent ten times the answer is still almost 35 percent. The first time you get 90 Percent, the next 81 percent, next 729 etc.
Having said all that none of these devices save any gas.

Bing, what are ‘cow magnets?’ (besides a good pasture or very attractive bull)

Hopefully they were new magnets ;0

Actually, when we were kids we had a bunch of used ones to play with but you couldn’t really tell the difference…