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Fuel splash back problem, Honda Odyssey

On a recent trip, my wife’s 2010 Odyssey splashed back fuel even when first filling and the tank was near empty. A very small trickle of fuel was all that could go in without splash back and cutting off the flow of fuel from the pump. At one station, it took 20 minutes to fill. If this happened all the time, it would be the vent not working, but it never happens at our usual fill up station at home, and at one station on the road it didn’t happen, but it did at all others. On the road, I usually fill up at Shell, but I tried others, no difference. The one station that didn’t do it was a Sunoco, so we tried another Sunoco, and it splashed back. At home our station uses ethanol-free gas, but I don’t think that is the issue. A recent trip in my 2008 Subaru over the same roads we traveled in the Honda caused no such problems.

Any ideas?

Thank you.