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Fuel service needed?

I take my 2004 Dodge Ram 1500(24,000 miles) truck to a national chain full service repair store for a state inspection. They always recommend additional work( last time said dirty air filter and when I took to the dealer for scheduled maintenance they said it was fine). THis time wanted to do a fuel system cleaning and stressed it was very important. Don’t see anything in my manual about it and dealer has not recommended it. Is this really a needed service or are they just trying to get some more work out of me?

100% unneeded, if it’s running fine. This is probably the #1 money maker that these shops push. If your Ram is not running fine, then take it to a real mechanic (use the mechanic finder uner ‘actual car info’) and have it diagnosed.

It is running fine. I appreciate your input.

They have a boat payment to make…

It is very important…for their profit margin.

Why do you keep going back to these shysters?

Modern gasolines have a lot of detergent in them, and as long as the engine is running fine NO CLEANING is needed. When the truck reaches 324,000 miles that service MAY be needed.

Similarly, air filter replacement is normally recommemded every 2 years or so, unless you live in a very dusty area.

One of those fast oil change places? If so I strongly suggest you find a better shyster. Those fast oil change places are well known for not only trying to sell you something you don’t need, they tend to screw up what they do.

Ask around and fine a good LOCAL mechanic. In the long run it will be cheaper or better.

That service has not been generally needed since the 1970’s Modern fuels and cars don’t need anything more than what comes in the fuel you buy.

Thanks for all the input. I have only gone to them for state inspections and have never gotten any of the “extra services” they recommend. But point well taken, probably time to find a new place.

These services are necessary. They have a lease payment due, and if nobody has these needless services done they’ll default on their lease payment. The services won’t help YOU any, only THEM.

Normally we hear that it’s the dealership wanting to have you do these services, so it sounds like your dealership is one of those rare exceptions, continue going there since they seem to care enough to not try and upsell you on things. My local Honda dealership was like this, too bad it was the crummy salesmen that ruined the good reputation on the service department.
To answer your question, no, it’s not needed