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Fuel pump

I Have a 1996 Toyota corrola with 146.00 mi great shape and maintened If I have a fuel pump presser test done and ever thing and the presser is where it should be will that tell me if the pump is good and should last for more miles Thank you

No, just because the pump works today does not mean it won’t fail tomorrow. 146,000 is a lot of miles if it is the original pump. In my experience the pump doesn’t just gradually lose pressure over several weeks or months, usually it will be working fine then all of a sudden it will just quit or start putting out minimal pressure, which will be really noticeable with drivability. But checking the pump pressure can reassure you that for now, all things are working as advertised.

This is every car owner’s magic wish: that we can predict the remaining life of a component. Our methods may work for tires and brake pads, but mechanical items are like light bulbs. They work fine today and quit unexpectedly the next day.

A fuel pump pressure test has no predictive value.

I can’t think of anything that you can test that will tell what will happen next - as opposed to only telling you what is happening right now.

As I recall there is a web site that shows an old light bulb burning. It has been burning since Edison put it there. That is a very long time. The next one he sold may have burned out in five minutes. The older is is the more likely it will have less live remaining. You just never know.

Here’s the longest working light bulb.