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Fuel Pump price

How much should a new fuel pump and replacement be on a Chevrolet 2500 HD 4WD Diesel cost?

A few phone calls to local mechanics (or a Chevrolet dealer) should provide you with a price range.

Some Folks Could Give You A “Guesstimate”, But It May Not Be All That Helpful.

Prices can vary greatly with differences in parts suppliers, new vs. rebuilt, dealer repair vs. independent mechanic, and local cost of living can cause labor rates to be all over the map.

Write down your VIN (vehicle identification number). Then what I would do is call several auto parts suppliers, dealers parts departments, dealer service departments, and independent mechanics. A local diesel mechanic that you trust would be a good choice, too.

I’d get prices on parts and labor. Pretty soon you will get a handle on what options are available to you and what the estimated cost will be.

I’m afraid the answer to your question is going to be found by your investigation. Good luck,

Thanks, I have been told $1500 just for the pump and thought that was high. Then I got a quote for $950. I was just wondering what was average, but i will just keep looking

There are two pumps…The supply pump and the injection pump. For $1500, that sounds like the injection pump…Year, Mileage??

2001, 262,000