Fuel pump on 97 GMC Z71

The fuel gauge meter was staying on the full mark. Truck then wouldn’t start. Put in a new fuel pump and filter. Still the truck will not start. The old filter was black.Can’t find a fuel gauge fuse. Truck has 190,000 miles and has always ran well.

When you found the old fuel filter was black, did you check the condition of the fuel?

If someone dumped a foreign substance in the tank, it’s possible the culprit has plugged the injectors.

Have you checked both fuse panels? One at the passenger end of the instument panel and one fuse/relay box under the hood.

Thinking about that black fuel filter. If you had dirty fuel or the pumped sucked up some rust (or dirt) from the tank bottom and turned the filter black, this action would overheat the pump and kill it.

Running the engine with a low level of fuel (partially) covering the pump will make the pump overheat too.

Have you ever checked fuel pressure at the fuel rail?? Is it getting spark??