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Fuel pump on 2003 chevy cavalier

Chevy mechanic has replaced fuel pump twice but after running car for an hour or so car will not restart. this has happened several times. Starter works but engine will not kick over. What the heck is wrong, been to several mechanics and the same problem arises within days

Did your mechanic check everything else in the fuel system? Filter could be plugged? injectors could be plugged, etc.

Looks like you need a mechanic who is methodical and can perfrom a proper diagnostic analysis.

Carry a spare spark plug and a can of starting fluid with you. The next time the engine will not catch remove one of the spark plug wires; insert the spare spark plug into the wire boot; lay the plug ontop of the engine; have someone crank the engine; and look for a healthy bluish spark. If you get a good spark, reattach the plug wire to its engine plug; squirt some starter fluid into the intake system throttle body; and crank. If you get a transient catch, you have fuel injection problem.

Let us know what the results of these tests are and we can help you further.


How many miles on your Cavalier??? Mine has 68K, and I am wondering when to look
@ fuel system maint. Bought it new.