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1993 cavalier 2.2l

I have a 93 Cavalier. The car will start in the am and run about 3 or 4 minutes, then stop and will not start again. If it is hot outside and you don’t start in the am, it will not start at all. If it’s cooler, like in mid 70’s, it will start several hours later, but still only run for 3 or 4 minutes, then stop. You can hear the fuel pump running, and it runs fine until it dies. Has me stumped.

Being “stumped” implies that you have actually done something to check things out. So far all you’ve said is that you hear the fuel pump. What else ya got? Have you checked for spark? Have you checked the actual fuel pressure?

How many miles are on it? Where do things stand in terms of basic maintenance? (think tune-up type things like plugs, wires, filters, etc).

As cigroller suggests, testing is required, and more information is necessary.

LOTS more information.

The problem might be caused from a defective crankshaft position sensor. Common problem on these vehicles. Made of plastic.

This sensor is located on the firewall side of the engine with a single 10mm bolt at the middle of the engine. If this sensor is the problem, it must be removed without breaking the sensor off in the engine, so the new plastic crankshaft position sensor can be installed.