Is it the fuel pump?

Anyone who has does maintenance on this car has commented on what excellent shape it is in. It has 67,000 miles on it and I have not had one problem since buying it in 2009. I have been suspicious that the starter or ignition was starting to fail due to the strength I have had to exert to turn the engine on. But today, a new problem. It faltered and died several times during a small trip to the store. I only kept it going by flooring the accelerator and praying to make it home. I am 70 and really scared of getting stranded. Need a recommendation for a mechanic in Colorado Springs as well. Looks like Peak Auto is my best choice so far. Any pro-bono mechanics around? Ha.

Need some more info, regardless. What year Cavalier? What is its maintenance history in terms of spark plugs, and filters. I wouldn’t jump to a fuel pump conclusion just yet, until we know whether the fuel filter has ever been changed and a few more maintenance details.

Based on what I saw in Mechanics files, Peak’s appears to be a good place to take your car to. I have never had to have any car repairs in Colo Spgs, but their reviews are very good.

Hard to say what your problem is. It’s possible you need part or all the following, new plugs, wires, fuel filter. Could be a vacuum leak or bad/dirty fuel injector. I’d recommend finding a good independent mechanic and have them check it out. Usually fuel pumps fail completely when they go out so that’s probably not the problem. If you could give the type car someone might know some of the common problems with that model that may be the problem. Is the check engine light on? If so take it somewhere like Auto Zone or Advance Auto Parts and have them hook up the code reader, this will also possibly give indications of what your problem is.

Quite grateful for all comments. I happened to mention the problem to a friend who works in my friendly liquor store and he said the words I haven’t heard from a man for many years: “Let’s pop the hood and take a look!” Music to my ears, and he said what you all did - don’t jump to the worst conclusion till we check out some stuff. He had by coincidence graduated from a mechanic’s technical school, but has never used his skills commercially. He then slid under the rear end to find the fuel filter and said as soon as he locates some clamps, “we’ll get er done.” Wow. Thanks again.

That man deserves a lobster. A tip of the hat to the good gentleman.