Fuel pump, fuel filter clogged or any ideas

I have a 2000 chevy impala 3.4. Sometimes it will not start. after a short while it will crank and run till i turn it off…no problems. I can drive it around no problems. Park it and it will not start back. I can wait an hour or so and it will start but sometimes it might not start for a day or two. Any ideas

Maybe you can tell us how many miles on the car, the complete maintenance history, and at what mileage these tasks were performed, and so on.

You have a nearly 10 year old vehicle which should be on its second or third set of plugs, second set of wires, and so on.

There can be many reasons for the way your vehicle behaves.

It has 140000 miles on it. I have not ever changed the fuel filter. oil changed every 3000 miles or so. Nothing major ever done to this car. ummmmm… Also when it “trys” to start it will “jump” a little and makes a noise…like a backfire but not one. hope that makes sense.

Take it to a good shop and have the ignition system and fuel system tested and fixed. Did you ever change the air filter?

Since you appear to have done very little to this car over the years, be prepared for close to $800-$900 worth of work.