Fuel pump replace

would you get a fuel pump from junk yard. easy to access pump under real seat so you don’t have to drop tank.

NO …

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NO…it might be cheaper but is too big of a risk.

I’ll 3rd that thought… NO. Too big a risk.

Would it be worth while to purchase a fuel pump from the junk yard ? The pump is accessed by removing the rear seat.

There, I fixed for you.

Add my “no” to the chorus…

When you buy a fuel pump from a junk yard, you know only that you bought another fuel pump. You don’t know if it’s any good. Maybe if you took it off the donor car yourself and saw the mileage on the car you could guess about condition, but otherwise it’s just a lottery. If you are broke and it’s all you can afford, of if you just want to get your car going so you can sell it, maybe. You are gambling your labor and maybe the price of the junk part.

No from me too. I’ve only gotten OEM pumps. Personally, having had pump problems, I don’t think I’d keep a car anymore that needed a pump.

Not even if it was really easy to replace . . . such as in this case

You could do the entire repair in under an hour . . . maybe even less than 1/2 hour, if you’ve guzzled your jolt cola before hand

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how much does new pump assy cost?

It’s not the ease or cost of replacement but having a pump fail again unexpectantly. Just don’t trust them. I had one fail in the bank drive up with a trailer loaded with lumber. Yeah I put up with it but looking back, I would have been better off to dump the cars. I’ve only had two cars with pump failures though so not a good sample. Still it’s pretty embarrassing to have your car conk out in the bank drive up lane.

Make mine another “no”.
Fuel pumps are too affordable and the job too much work to not use a new one.
Besides, modern fuel pumps have their filters incorporated into the pump assembly, and the filter(s) in a used one would probably

If you’d posted the year and mileage on the Altima and the symptoms that are causing you to want to replace the pump, I could probably be more specific, but you can probably just replace the filters if you’re cost-sensitive. Typically there’ll be a “sock” on the pump intake and a foam-type filter enveloping the pump. The foam piece operates not only as a filter, but also as a porous “sub canister” to keep the pump’s intake stable.