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Fix it or risk it?

I own a 1990 Plymouth Voyager with a leaky fuel line and approx 150,000 miles. (Both engine and transmission have been replaced . Because it wouldn’t pass the smog test (flunked the visual inspection) I decided to try for the state’s “we pay you to get it off the road” program. $1000 to drive it to the nearest approved wrecking yard. The problem is the fuel leak. It frightens me to get on the freeway for the 45 minute ride. The smog control mechanic said that for $50 his shop would fix the fuel leak. Should I spring for the $50?

This fuel line leak may be at a bracket where the fuel lines are held to the frame.

I had a '94 where this happened.

What you can do is verify the leak location, relieve the fuel pressure and cut the line (These are steel lines) and splice in a short length of hose and clamp the ends of the hose.

Fix the fuel leak. It is the enviornmentally responsible thing to do. Then keep driving the car until something else comes up. Perhaps it will pass the smog inspection with the leak repaired?