Fuel lamp!

This fuel lamp comes on from time to time on the dash board accompanied by a “din din” sound while the fuel gauge moves back and forth on my 145000 Dodge Caravan. It only happens when I fill the tank full till it is about 3/4 full. Then it ceases completly. I have also noticed doing it more at low speed, when breaking to slow down or to stop, or starting to move. Nothing else happens till the next refilling. Any advice? Thanks a lot!

Mechanic. Voltmeter. Test.

It sounds like the sensor flot in the tank has come loose. Half fill your tank and leave the supply at the pumps a few days more. Let THEM wait for your next $30.00. Increase supply and decrease demand. Or you can have the sensor replaced.

Is that 145000 the number of miles? If so I would plan on replacing the sensor for the fuel gauge. It sounds like it is wearing out.

A not uncommon problem with the '96 Chrysler minivans (lots of electrical gremlins). I had itnhappen a couple times in my '97 Caravan, but it went away, never to return.

Check the connection to the sending unit.

Yes! Miles! Where is that fuel sensor?

The sensor is in the fuel tank.

NYBo raises a good point. Many Chrysler vehicles suffer from the defect of a weak soldering job on the instrument panel. Such problems can be reolved by removing the instrument panel and reflowing the solder. So far it is unclear whether your problem is caused by a bad fuel sending unit or solder cracks in the instrument panel. Don’t jump to any hasty conclusions.

To know which is the case, go back to hellokit’s reply at Square 1.