Fuel gauge

I own a 2000 Dodge Caravan. I have lots of gas in the tank but keep getting a low fuel warning light.It goes on for a second then shuts off and then keeps coming back on again.Does anyone know what would cause this?


I had this problem in my Caravan. Does the guage needle make swings from ful to empty to full, etc., at random? Mine did. For quite a while I just wrote down the miles when I filled up and got gas at or before 400 miles.

Before I could check the sender in the tank, my w/wipers started having a mind of their own. I did a little reading and determined the problem to be the Body Control Module.

You don’t want to replace the BCM, they are very expensive from Chrysler (many hundreds of dollars.) I worked around this problem when replacing mine. No, I didn’t steal one. If that’s it… then re-post for help.

I would check the sender first by unplugging it just above the tank and check the results on the guage. I would suspect possibly a guage or printed circuit in the instrument cluster, next.

Still, it could be the BCM.

Good Luck!

The gauge does swing from full to empty and from empty to full. Thanks for the tip I will look into it.

Under the hood is the power distribution center with fuses and relays. Pull out the fuse labeled “IOD” for 10 seconds or longer and replace. This will reset the BCM. Note: You will lose your radio station presets.