Fuel Injectors

I have a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited addition with around 140 thousand miles. When I get up to 45 it will start lightly missing, I was told by the auto repair that my fuel injectors are going out. Is this common for a car as old as mine with the miles it has. I do not belive it was put on a computor. He drove it and told me that.Should I trouble shoot anything else before doing this 1,800.00 job.I live on an Island in the golf of Alaska so repair shops are hard to come by.

Thank you

Lani Carlsen

Kodiak Island Alaska

Its too bad that repair shops are hard to come by b/c you need to take it to someone else.

There are many many reasons that you can get a miss. Fuel injectors are a possible culprit, but probably among the least likely, at least for starters.

Tell us about your spark plugs and wires, distributor (if you have one), air and fuel filters - i.e. in terms of age. Did this “mechanic” check the fuel pressure? I also confess to not knowing this engine, but $1800 to replace injectors - even if that is it - seems way high to me.

Is the check engine light on?

" When I get up to 45 it will start lightly missing,"

This does NOT sound like an injector problem. Much more like an ignition fault. Before you give ANYONE $1800, get a GUARANTEE that their guess-work will cure your problem! If they refuse to do that, WALk AWAY!!!

Have you ever changed the fuel filter?? Do that! Then have a real mechanic check the fuel pressure on the fuel rail, a simple, quick cheap procedure…Is this a 6 or V8?? Is your CEL on?

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I would only add to the previous comments that you can get a fuel addative at most parts stores that purports to clean sticky injectors. I used to put it in a 72 volkswagen fast back, and it seemed to help. Needless to say, the day I sold that car to the junkers was the second happiest day in my life, after the day my divorce was final. good luck, and dont let that 1800 bucks burn a hole in your pockets.