Two fuel injectors have broke on my Grand Caravan

A year ago one went bad with around 70k miles. Then another one went a few months ago. Some neighbor mechanics say to use a gas additive. I have never used those or had this problem ever. Both mechanics who fixed the car said this is unheard of with such low miles and have no idea of the cause. One said use SeaFoam - we are boaters once every few tanks.
Is there an electrical system problem thats going to keep causing this? Thinking of selling the car.

Broken physically? Or clogged? Neither is an electrical problem.

70k on the odometer but what year is this van?

Is there some significance you being a boater? Not sure where that fits in.

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Broke needs to be defined. Broke could mean a cracked case and leaking fuel or the word inoperative could apply to a number of reasons; failed injector coil, failed connector, problem with the ECM, stuck pintle in the injector, or clogged injector screen.

It would be unusual to have multiple failures but in cases where this does happen it’s a good idea to replace them all at once.


Dont know how they are broken. its a 2015. Havent received any input re the benefit of adding a cleaner to the gas. Yes I am a sailor and use seafoam in the gas for the outboard.

no signifance in boater except thats why I have seafoam

If you can’t tell us what “broken” means, we can’t tell you if Seafoam will help. It can’t hurt, if used properly. Give it a try.

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Sell the car? Do you routinely trade in cars when a repair is needed?

Injectors can fail electrically, mechanically internally, or mechanically externally (leaking). No matter the case, when the second injector failed I would have replaced the remaining 4 as well. The labor cost should be virtually the same for 1 injector or all of them. Just fix it and be done.

There could be a problem with the quality of the gas you are using.

The only additive recommended for your vehicle is Techron. I have used it to good effect in smoothing out the idle in a couple of high-mileage Mopars. However, as noted above, we have no idea what the mode of failure was. What were the symptoms?

Did you take it to a mechanic, and the mechanic told you the fuel injector was broken? He should have been able to tell you how it was broken.

Was it the same injector that broke the second time, or a different one?

I have had many chrysler minivans and have never had any fuel injector issues even at high mileage so it’s not a common problem . I did always run a bottle of Techron or Gumout at every oil change thru the years . Never have had any kind of fuel related problems with any Chrysler models .