How to fix problems with fuel injection

Hi all, I own a Mitsubishi Lancer 2005 model, From the past recent days I feel some kind of missing with the car, when we try to accelerate it. It seems to be some kind of fuel injection issues. I think doing a fuel injection service would be better. I didn’t have much knowledge about car repair. Can anybody help me to fix this issue. I usually doing services from a workshop in Edmonton named Apex Specialized Automotive Inc. If it is simple then I don’t need to go there, I can fix it myself, do anybody have any tips to clear this issue?

Tell us more about your car, how many miles on it, what maintenence has been done? Is the check engine light on, if it is what codes does it show. Most auto parts stores will read the codes for free. This could be caused by old plugs or a dirty air filter. Before paying for fuel injection service, head to Walmart and get som Berrymans B12 or Seafoam put it in your gas tank and run it for a few days to see if that helps.

A miss is ignition.

“how many miles on it, what maintenence has been done? Is the check engine light on”


Yes, a problem with the fuel injection system is possible, but it is just as likely that lax maintenance is the problem. Until the OP can provide the missing information–as noted above–nobody can provide anything more than general advice, such as adding a good fuel system cleaner to the gas tank.

In addition to Seafoam, I have had good results with Chevron’s Techron cleaner.

@Cavell “A miss is ignition.”

Not always. If a cylinder lacks the proper fuel load, it can cause a lean mis-fire.

Certainly seen enough bad injectors not to be able to quantify it as an electrical problem. A proper diagnosis will lead to the proper repair, so I recommend a qualified analysis, any check engine light on? if so get the codes red and post them here.

If you are certain it is a fuel injection issue, what I’d do in that situation is simply replace the fuel filter, see if that helps. Certainly seems like priority one if it is still the original filter.

Other common causes of missing on acceleration

  • Engine air filter dirty
  • Fuel pump on the fritz
  • Clogged injectors
  • Fuel pressure regulator
  • Spark plug gap has widened too much
  • Ignition component failure
  • Air and exhaust leaks