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Fuel injector 93 cutlass ciera

a Mechanic said I have a bad fuel injector on the 93 cutlas ciera 3.3…is there way to clean them to make it work or must replace? easy to replace? thank you

Is The Car Running, But Running Poorly ?
Throttle Body Injector Or Multi-Port Injectors ?

Have you tried Sea-Foam or another fuel system cleaner to see if there’s any improvement ?


I Believe You’ve Got A TBI System. If You Do Then It Shouldn’t Be Too Difficult To Replace The Injector. It is Beneath The Air Cleaner And Fuel Metering Cover In The Throttle Body.

Be sure and relieve the fuel system pressure before attempting replacement.

You need a Repair Manual specific to make / model if you’re going to try and save money by DIY.


A fuel injector is an electro-mechanical device. And as with any electro-mechanical device it wears out over time and has to be replaced.

To replace the injector requires the removal of the throttle body cover and then the injector is pryed out of the throttle body.


This is a multiport engine, not TBI. As others have stated you could try Seafoam to see if that would clean it. The way the intake is shaped on this engine it shouldn’t take more than about an hour to replace an injector.

What is the problem with the injector? Did he say it’s shorted?

A common problem on the 3.3 is shorted injectors, they can cause a no start condition. In fact it can be quite costly if you wait to replace a shorted injector. A shorted injector will take out the quad driver in the PCM which means you would have to replace the PCM as well as the shorted injector.

So if the issue is a shorted injector replace it.

Yes the 93 cutlas ciera running but running poorly… thank you