Fuel Injectors

Car sat for a week and when I started it up it kind of chugged but started up. Half way down the block my check engine light came on. Took it to a local shop and was told that a fuel injector #3 error code was the cause of the check engine light. They cleared the light and told me that I should service the fuel injectors and replace the fuel filter. The car is running fine so should I ignore this for now? If not, can I service the injectors myself and replace the fuel filer? Thanks…Terry

I wouldn’t do anything with the injectors. If the vehicle drives fine, and the Check Engine light isn’t on, there’s nothing wrong.


But there WAS something wrong…A fuel filter ($10) and a bottle of Chevron Techron injector cleaner ($6) would be cheap insurance.

How many miles on the car?

The owner’s manual should say when the fuel filter needs changing.

I would also pour a bottle of Techron in the tank.

Thanks! The 95 Subaru has a 143K miles on it. I’ll check my manual.

Use the entire Techron container in one tank.
Burn most of the tank before refueling.
If the Techron doesn’t do it:
I’ve used for two cars. Fast and inexpensive provided you can get the injectors out.

Techron or BG-44K works best when added to less than 1/4 tank of gas to provide a high concentration of cleaner…They both work fast, the problem clears up in 10 or 15 minutes of driving if it’s going to clear up…

yes you can go t apull apart yard get a injector off same car engine and buy new o-rings and fuel filter from parts store it worked grat for me