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P0301 2016 1.4 turbo ecotech

Chevy cruze lt I can not get the injector out to see if its dirty. I have rail out and all.

P0301 is a misfire code for cylinder #1. Why are you messing with the injectors?

You can’t see if an injector is dirty, the dirt, if any, is internal.

Have you checked the coil? Have you swapped the coil with another to see if it is bad? Have you installed a new spark plug in #1 to see if that clears it up? All things to do before messing with injectors.

And the greater question… why are you messing with a 2 year old car with a 3 year 36K mile warranty and not the dealer?

Wanting to make sure they not clogged.

Warranty is up. Has 85k on it. Not the ignition system at all.

just buy a new fuel rail. pretty cheap375x375_products-ACD-2173434

How do you know it isn’t the ignition system?

Check it switched individual coil packs new plugs and wiring to packs.

OK, since, as I posted earlier, you can’t see a dirty injector, just replace #1. I assume you’ve figured out how to get the stuck injector out by now. If not, just pull hard and it will pop out. You might spray a little WD 40 into the recess where the injector’s O-ring is to help free it.

If that doesn’t solve it, you need to go “old school” and run a dry and wet compression test on all 4 cylinders.

I didnt get it out yet strange right? Thanks for all your help