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Fuel gauge freaks out when it raining

Alright for my second issue.

My grand Cherokee (5.7L V8 Hemi), when it’s raining outside and I’ve been driving it for a while (20ish miles sometimes more) the check engine light will come on, the gas gauge drops to Empty and my computer says 0 miles to empty. In between a it’ll usually go from empty to full back and forth a few times before finally staying at empty. The CEL reads something along the lines of fuel reading is less than actual gas amount or something to those lines. Mechanic told me a sensor on the fuel pump was bad and it’s going to cost $600. It’s completely normal usually by the next day, I’m assuming once it’s dried. Now I’m just trying to figure out why the hell it only does it when it’s wet outside and I’m hitting puddles. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

The fact that this happens only when it’s raining or when you hit puddles tells me it can’t be the sensor which is sealed inside the tank. I’d be looking at the wiring and the connector near the fuel tank which may be corroded.