1991 Toyota Pickup - Fuel filter location?

Where is the fuel filter located? I bet it has never been changed.

My 2000 Tacoma 4 cylinder has it located under the intake manifold. Hard to see and harder to change. You might look there.

Somewhere between the gas tank and the injection rail. Always mounted to the chassis, never to the engine. Can you follow the fuel line from the hose that brings fuel to the engine and trace it all the way back to the tank? The bigger line will be the supply and the smaller one the return if there are two.

Which engine 4 or 6?



The only location info I can find (for the 4 banger 2.4 L) is that its on the right side of the engine. Presuming your engine is transversely mounted, that puts in under the intake manifold. The fuel system will be under pressure. For safety purposes suggest to depressurize before removing the fuel filter. On my Corolla of similar vintage I remove the fuel pump relay (sometimes called the circuit opening relay, located near the ECM), then crank the engine 5-10 seconds. On my Corolla the fuel filter is most easily accessed from the driver’s side wheel well, removing the wheel is helpful. Be sure to thoroughly clean the area around all the connections first, before disconnecting the existing fuel filter.

Its a 4 but I found it, someone else left a link for a video.Exactly what I needed, not sure why that one didn’t pop up for me. Thx tho