Fuel filter brands

Think this would be ok? It is way cheaper, but aside from the expensive ACDelco I found this one for 10 bucks: https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/PSX23980

Not a problem.

Have you checked AutoZone? They’ve always been cheaper than NAPA for me. I paid $4 for my last. 13 years ago I bought a different brand and it leaked - it was an immeasurable bit thinner than my usual so the hose wasn’t tight. I don’t remember what it was. Fortunately I still had my old one so swapped it back in then returned it. They were equivalent in the parts book.

And many times AutoZone parts are significantly of lesser quality.

Many NAPA filters are made by WIX. There’s a good local parts store that carries Wix filters and it’s less then a mile from a NAPA store. The Wix oil filters at store one are about $2 less then the NAPA Gold oil filter for the same car. Only difference is one says Wix and the other NAPA

I’ve usually had good parts from AutoZone. I checked my records: the too-thin fuel filter was from AutoZone. They took it back and I bought one from Checker instead. I should have written Pep Boys/Advanced/Checker/Kragen/Chief/Car Quest (don’t know if those are all still in business). AutoZone is convenient to me and has more parts in stock. They had a re-build kit for the carb of my '87 Toyota pickup in stock.

Around here it used to be Champion Auto. Actually I bought stuff from them and usually didn’t have a problem. Maybe they’re OK but I just don’t buy car parts at AZ. Wax and fluids yeah, but not car parts. I will usually either go OEM or else NAPA and the guys at NAPA will tell you about the different grades they have if they have several. I wouldn’t worry about a filter from NAPA.

I might point out that part in the picture is actually a combination of fuel filter and regulator

seems to be from a car with an early type of mechanical returnless system

Those often cost a little more than $4k

I’ve had significantly more problems with autozone parts, versus napa parts . . . for what its worth

I use AZ and NAPA, if I need an important part I go NAPA,

I’ve always had pretty good luck w/NAPA parts myself. Providing it is the right part number for the application, should work ok.