Fuel Economy Screen

Recently purchased a 2019 Nissan Rogue and can’t seem to find the Fuel Economy screen on the Information Display screen in the middle of the dashboard. Instructions in manual state it should be part of the Device Computer screen, but can’t find that either.
I would like to track my fuel economy while driving. Thanks

Is it possible that this feature is only included in the high-end Rogue models, and that you bought a lower-end model?

Thanks for your reply, but I think this is a pretty basic function and I did buy the SV model which is pretty high end. Had it in my 2016 Rogue-no problem.

When I had a problem understanding the functions of the embedded Sat Nav system on my car, a visit to the dealer’s service department cleared up my confusion w/in less than 5 minutes. Their hands-on demonstration proved to be much clearer than the instructions in the car’s manual. Why not just ask the folks at the service department to demonstrate how to access these functions?


Good suggestion and I will do that as soon as I can get there, but I was hoping for a solution before that time. Also, I have sometimes found that these type of features are not that familiar to some of the service people. But I will follow your idea. Thank you.

Our salesman included a 1/2 hour going over all the bells and whistles, perhaps if you ask your salesperson? For the carmax sales guy they had training classes for the new cars.

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Also, a good suggestion. I will check in with the sales force when I talk to the service people. I have dug deep into the manual and followed all the instructions, but these screens just don’t appear. Two out of three are there (Trip and Average Speed, but no Fuel Economy screen-??

When I bought my 2017 Accord, the salesman linked my phone and explained how the information screens worked during a demo just before he turned the keys over. He was insistent, so I let him do his stuff. If you can find your salesman, he might be happy to help you now.

I was with a friend when he picked-up his brandy-new Rav-4, and the salesman insisted on linking his phone for him.

In my case, the Subaru saleswoman was already beginning to suffer a decline in her mental faculties, so she never offered this assistance, and if she did offer it, I probably would have declined. When I ordered the car, I saved her bacon by pointing out that she was cheating herself and the dealership by not charging me for the extra-cost 6 cylinder engine, and she was very appreciative that I caught her error, so–for obvious reasons–I was not willing to accept help from her of a semi-technical nature. Sadly, she had to retire a few months later because of her declining faculties.

Thanks, I will give him a try.

I found the following pdf link of the owner’s quick reference manual by googling “fuel economy display rogue 2019”. On page 34 it’s not entirely clear, but seems to say you press the "ok " button in the middle of the steering wheel, then then the up/down buttons to select what you want to display, then “ok” , then the “return” looping-arrow.

Thanks for the pdf. I have been all over the manual and have tried the various directions. I’m guessing, but it almost seems that the fuel economy screen was somehow deleted or never inserted into the display options. Seems inconceivable, but it just isn’t there. I was also thinking about using the Factory Reset option for the display screen to see if it might reappear. Anyone have thoughts on using the Facrtory Reset?

Thought’s Yes. Go by the dealer and let them see what you actually have and how to use it . Why take a chance on messing something up . Even after the service shop closes there should be at one sales person who knows how to navigate the screen.

Yup, I agree. Next stop is bringing the car in and letting them see the problem. Maybe a quick fix.

When I picked up my new Kia Forte a sales rep demonstrated the features. I usually keep my display on average fuel mileage. When I first had the car I checked manually several times and it was almost identical. I was shocked when I had the tank filled then had to accelerate briskly onto the highway. (probably around 9 seconds 0 to 60. Road &Track tested my car at 0 to 60 in 6.9 seconds) so it was not pedal to the metal. My average was 5mpg! After about 8 miles on the highway it was about 30mpg. An excellent example why “jack rabbit” starts destroy our fuel mileage!

Best of luck. Please let us know what you find out.

See page 34 of that pdf. It tells you to go to the buttons and toggle to what you want. Those buttons on the steering wheel on the left. Up down, left right, and OK. When I rent a car, when I get the chance I like to spend about 15 minutes just hitting buttons to try and understand what they do. My latest was a Jeep and took a while to find the tire pressure screen but its there. All this stuff is just standard software that doesn’t cost them anything to put it in but the designers do not necessarily make it intuitive unless you are a computer freak.


Been there, done that. Believe it or not, that Fuel Economy screen just does not exist. My wife has the same car and there it was, no problem. To the dealership I go.

Thanks for the link, but I’ve done everything suggested-screen just does not exist. Really weird-going to show this to dealer on Thursday. Will report back then.