Fuel cut-off switch

I have a ford probe 94 that was recently fixed after a year of sitting idle in a garage. however, recently every time I start the car and try to speed up or try to turn , the fuel cut off switch turns on and the car stops. If I turn off the car and start again, the whole process repeats itself. Any idea about what’s wrong my car?

Thank you.

How do you know the fuel cuttoff is turning off?

Whats the overview in a “fuel cut off system”? Car goes upside down and some sort of sensor shuts off the pump? Any details for this model? sensor at the pump/sender This is a D.O.T. reg. right anyone know when it started. I can think of some electric fuel pump cars that did not have this feature (early F.I. VWs for one)

fords of that vintage used an inertial switch mounted in the trunk, usually just inside the quarter panel trim. They can be had for about $5 at your local salvage yard. I’d disable the switch and see if the problem goes away before I invested the time and effort to change it.