1998 Ford Mustang won’t start

We have a 98 mustang v6. The car turns over but won’t start. It seems like the fuel pump. Or fuel pump kill switch. Not sure want to do???

Try this.

Turn the ignition on so the dash come on for two seconds, and turn the ignition off.

Repeat this a half dozen times, and then try starting the engine.

If the engine starts, I see a new fuel pump in your future.


Have you checked to see if this car has a fuel cutoff inertia switch?

according to a quick google search: The inertia fuel shutoff switch is located on the LH side lower back panel in the luggage compartment, is manually reset.
To reset the inertia fuel shutoff switch , press button on top of inertia fuel shutoff switch

Good ideas above. If they don’t pan out, the first task is to determine if it is a fuel or spark problem. Either connect up a spare sparkplug to one of the wires and see if you get a spark during cranking; if a good healthy spark, you know you likely got a lack of fuel problem. Or spray some starter fluid into the air intake and see if it will run briefly then stall; if so you got spark ok.