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1991 ford escort 1.9

My daughter’s car won’t start. Have had problems with it sort of bucking at times. Changed out the spark plug wires which helped for a short time. Now she was driving down a city street apx 35mph and she heard a clunking noise then the car just lost power and stopped. We have checked the timing belt and its ok and the fuel pump sounds like its working.My question is Some one said there is a shut off sensor for the fuel in case of an accident I guess. Is this true, where is it located and does anyone think this is the problem?

I had one of these - the reset for the fuel pump shut off is in the rear under a pull-off plastic panel. Mine was a hatchback - pop the back and I think it was on the passenger’s side. Just pop off any little plastic panels you see under the hatch or in the trunk and look for a big red button. But if you hear the fuel pump then the shut off isn’t it.

You changed the wires but not the plugs?

Was the clunk associated with any big puffs of smoke or other loud engine noises? The engine itself may have a problem. Are you sure you checked the timing belt as opposed to the accessory drive/serpentine belt? The timing belt in under a black cover on the front of the engine (which is the passenger’s side of the engine compartment) and is not easy to check.

As for the serpentine belt, I would be tempted to pull that (its easy w/ the automatic tensioner) and find out if maybe the alternator seized up.

If you say more about the car’s history and other previous odd behaviors people might be able to give you some better direction.

The inertia switch is located in the truck or hatch area, usually on the driver’s side. If a trunk, look for a large white switch near the deck hinge. If a hatch, look under a panel on the side in the hatch area.

But I doubt that is the problem. If it was bad, the fuel pump would not work at all. It could be a plugged-up/dirty fuel filter. For this car, if it has never been changed, it is long overdue. That is only one possibility. Another is changing the spark plugs. And, also the cap and rotor.

thank you for the advice. Haven’t had any problems it has low miles 66,000. Just the bucking thing when my daughter goes up inclines. We have no hills in our town,so its like a on ramp to a freeway elevation.