Frozen doors

I have a 1999 Toyota Corolla. When the air is cold in the 20s range the driver’s side door often will freeze so that it won’t latch until the inside temp has risen. I’ve had to drive several miles holding the door closed waiting for it to warm up and then close. Only that door does this.

 I would suggest having someone clean the latch mechanism, both what is visible and what might be inside the car.  Likely the grease on the latching mechanism is getting so thick with the cold it is preventing the latch from fully opening or closing.  Dirt and too much grease will cause it.  If you would like to try it yourself, go ahead.

Use a spray can of White Lithium Grease, from your favorite auto parts store, on the door latch. Use the straw to get the grease into the nooks and crannies. Open and close the door a few times to work the latch. Spray once more. The thinner spray grease should loosen up the old grease.

I’ve also had excellent success in the past saturating lock/latch mechanisms with silicone spray.

It’s 9 years old now, so it’s probably all crudded up. The thin spray washes it down and lubricates.