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How should I replace the front subframe on my Nissan Sentra S 2007 2.0 L?

Lately my car has been making some really loud metallic clanging noises at the front end whenever I hit a bump or sewer cover with enough speed (>20mph). I’ve taken it to 2 mechanics and both have said that the front subframe (holding the engine) is rusted and broken. I’ve seen it myself and it looks to be in bad shape, so I’d like to get it changed, but I’d rather shop online to find the part for cheaper than $600. I believe these results look the most promising (sorry for the long link) :>&userSide=&userDate=2007&userDate2=2007&dbModel=

What sort of questions should I ask to be sure that the part is in good shape? Just the mileage and bushing condition? Also, must the part be from a 2007 Sentra, or can it be newer? Lastly, I was offered a quote for the labor at $350, does that sound reasonable?

Thanks in advance!

The parts listed that you saw are not necessarily from a $2007, they are just to fit a 2007 unless the 2007 has a unique cradle. Before you order a used part, I would see if a mechanic you are comfortable installing a part you sourced and if his labor charge is going to be higher because he is losing his markup on the part.
Also if the part you source is wrong or rusty or fails soon after installation are you willing to pay him for dealing with it.
If I wanted to do this I would source a southern part and do it myself.

Let the mechanic source and order the part since you will need to have your car towed to him anyway. This is not a drive able vehicle and I wouldn’t worry too much about the $600 compared to your life or the cost of a liability suit.