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2006 Kia Sedona recurrent clunk

I have a recurring clunking noise in the front end on rough roads I have checked struts sway bar and linkage and ball joints appear ok suspect subframe bushings How much of a job to change these??

Replacing a single subframe mount (which I presume is or includes the bushing) looks to be about 1 1/4 hours labor, add’l ones at 1/4 hour each. It appears a special tool may be required.

Suggest to also refer to TSB: KT2009110301, Subframe Bushing Replacement

You checked the steering linkage and control arm bushings, right?

Thank You George Yes Control arm bushings and steering links OK Van drives well even tire wear 125,000 miles I appreciate your input Brian

Most time its the stabilizer bar end links that are worned.Replacing them may solve the issue.

Possibly bad strut top mounts. Bounce the czr with the hood open and watch what happens to the strut rod nut. If it flops top to bottom, the mount is bad.