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Front right side

hi ive had my saturn sc for about 2 years now and the front right wheel is always going flat i was woundering if anyone had any info they could help me with

You can use a spray bottle with a mixture of dish soap and water. Spray all over the tire and it should bubble at the leak. Could be the valve stem too. Always keep a cap on them to keep the road junk out. A dented in the rim can cause a leak. Good luck!

Remove the wheel with tire.
Fill the tire to at least the pressure specified for the car. I use close to the max tire pressure and then readjust it, but remember not to drive it at the maximum tire pressure. Adjust it back before driving it to the tire store for repair.
Fill a plastic children’s pool up with water and drop the wheel in.
Watch for the bubbles.
Mark the leak spot(s) and have a tire shop repair it.

Or, just take it to a shop or a tire store and have them repair it. They’ll be able to detect the source of the leak and do a proper repair.