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Front Passanger Side of my 2001 Buick Regal LS 3.8L. shakes

When I am driving over 20MPH my front passanger side of the car starts to shake. This shaking causes the steering wheel to shake as well. I am not sure what the cause is and if it something that a novice can fix.

The front brakes are new with little to no wear on my rotors.

I have rotated my tires to see if the shaking stopped or moved to the rear of the car. After the tire rotation the shaking persisted.

If I turn the steering wheel sharply I hear a squeeling noise. I do not know if that is related or not.

Carefully jack up that side of the car and give that wheel a shake, side to side and up and down. This sounds a lot like a very badly worn wheel bearing to me. If you have a lot of slop there, have the car towed to a shop for the repairs to be made. If you find what I suspect you may find (tons of slop in the wheel bearing), the car is unsafe to drive, so don’t try it. You could lose a wheel at any time.

I’m going to say that the car is unsafe to drive right now whether you find slop in the wheel or not. Given that you’ve moves the tires around with no change, then we’ll cross a tire problem off of the list. There’s only dangerous stuff left - bad wheel bearing (noted), tie rod, ball joints are the worst. Just get it to a shop.

This is also a front wheel drive vehicle…the drive-shaft on that side is also suspect. In fact, the only thing you did test and rule out was an unbalanced tire. There are so many more parts that could be causing it.

Did this shaking start with new rotors by chance?? If so, it’s possible (unlikely, but possible) that a rotor is warped. If so, then get it back to the shop that did that work, and have them fix it.

The squealing noise may be power steering, which could mean there’s something wrong with the steering mechanism, from the pump to the steering box, or even a loose belt.

None of the options at this point are good.

As above, get it to a shop - on a wrecker.

Thank you for all the advice. I was unable to find “slop” or excessive movement when I tried to shake the wheel when it was jacked up. Once I took the tire off I noticed excess oil underneath the inner CV Boot, and I have a hunch that this is what is causing the issue. I will keep you posted.