Steering Wheel Shake

So, i have a 2000 Saturn LS1. I have just bought new tires for my ride. I have running a set of 225/40/18’s. With my old tires i had a shake when i drove over 60mph. Now that i have new tires, that i figured would help. I still have the shake that happens when i drive over 60. The shake will go away and then come back. What is the issue my car is having? Thanx.

You may have a worn suspension part (tie rod, tie rod end, lower ball joint, possibly a weak strut), a loose wheel bearing, or possibly a dragging brake caliper.

I’m inclined to think your problem is related to a tie rod or tie rod end. The vibration can sometimes be set up by a tiny bump or jolt and it will then taper off.
Think of a child’s spinning top. Lightly touch it with your finger and it starts wobbling followed by straightening itself out.

You could jack each front wheel off the ground one at a time. Grasp the tire at the 3 and the 9 o’clock position and note if you can feel any slop in it when you try to wriggle it back and forth. If you can then either the tie rod ends or tie rods are worn out.

Even a small imbalance in new tires of a 1/4 of an ounce can cause it, especially if there is any looseness in the suspension or wheel bearings.