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Car shakes and wobbles ? bent wheel or warped rotor

I drive a 1993 VW Passat and recently I had the driver’s side wheel bearings changed as there was noise coming from that side that fixed it. However, 2-3 weeks later, I noted that at low speed (<15mph) the car would feel like it would shake side to side and this effect is lost when the speed pick up. The mechanic checked his work and said there was no problem with his bearign change. My impression is that it is coming from the front wheel in the passenger side. I agree and want to know if this is a warped brake rotor, or bent wheel (recent potholes have increased)? If so, how can I test for this, before I take it in and how safe and urgent?

Could be many things. If the rotors are warped, it would be more of a vibration when braking, and not so noticeable when cruising. Your tires could be worn unevenly, or it could be something else. You should definitely get it checked ASAP.

The problem might be with a belt seperation in that tire. Try swapping that tire with the rear one. If the shaking from side-to-side moves to the back, you know there’s a problem with that tire.


There are a number of things it could be, even including wheel alignment which can also cause a low speed shake.

Since the drivers side wheel bearings were out what about the possibility the passenger side bearings are now gone?
Personally, I believe that when one side is repaired the other should usually be done if one is going to keep the car.