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1999 Toyota Camry Replacing Front Struts

I recently had my car diagnosed at a Toyota

retailer, and was advised to replace the front struts in approximately 4 months. They told me that the pricing would be $1,100.00 I am a woman who knows nothing about cars, and just want to be sure that this pricing is about right, or should I go to my local gas station, and request they use Toyota struts, and see if their price is any better.

Thank you

Ask around and find a good local repair garage. You will need a front end alinement also.
Stay away from chain stores.
Yes it is high.

Thank you so much!!!

There’s no reason to go to the dealer to have your car serviced. Any independent repair facility can do this kind of service. Also, there’s no reason to install original Toyota struts. Quality aftermarket struts can be installed and work just as well. Doing this should save some money on this type of service.