Front hub stud for 1999 Land Rover Disco II



Where might i find the size of a front hub lug stud for a 1999 land rover disco II? One of the studs has become cross threaded and no auto parts dealers (retail, wholesale or salvage) has been able to sell me one (1) stud! According to the powers that be, I must purchase the entire hub assembly with ABS sensors for $400.00! I refuse to pay that much for one cross threaded bolt. If I could find the exact size of the stud itself, would it be possible to purchase a die to “re-thread” the stud in question?


have you gone to the land rover dealership? take the offending stud out and take it there. they should be able to match it up. unfortunately you may have to buy the whole set, but hey, if one is bad, then there is probably another not far behind.

once you get the hang of removing them, and get a bunch of washers to “pull” the studs into the holes, it isn’t that hard to do all of them.

buy a couple of replacement lug nuts (without the fancy chrome trim.) and put them on backwards [the flat side] that way they will pull the stud in, and rotate the washers around.


Don’t think I’d trust re-threading that stud, and I’m pretty sure you can’t source that part at LR, they only sell the hub as a complete unit.

But, the stud is listed here, just check that it also covers Disco II :

The part number was FRC5926 but has now been superseded by RUF000020.

As a last resort you could try these people : - they might be able to help you out.

However, actually removing the old stud and getting the new one back in is a whole different story.


If you are able to get the stud out, you can take it to an auto-parts shop and have them try to match it. Even if they cannot find the exact match you can buy the next closest (say that it was the same length and diameter, but was threaded different, and that the coned side of the lug nut was the same size) and put that in instead. Then put a little paint on the different lug nut and stud to mark them different so that it is easier to identify if you need to change the tire in a low light situation.