Disco front end shimmy

I have a 1998 Land Rover Discovery (okay, stop laughing), it has 87K miles on it. When you go over an expansion strip or other gap in the road at about 50mph the front end shimmys. We replaced the steering damper - it’s a little better but still shimmys. What else should we be checking? Tie rods? Wheel bearings? Oh’ and it’s dark green.

John Sprouse aka: MorganGuy

Yes, check the tie rod ends and wheel bearings, as well as the ball joints.

And since it’s dark green, check the pine tree air freshener for splinters. ;o)

One obvious thing I forgot: tire pressure, all 4 tires.

Thanks for the speedy reply.
We will check all the afore mentioned. We will be replacing all four tyres by summer’s end (as soon as I can find where I put that $800)and checking the pressure. The tyres are all the same size, but the rear Micheliens(?) are OME (larger lug) and the fronts are Synchrone’s. The rear tyres have some cupping and are creating some noise and a little vib. We still aligned & balanced everything and checked the pressures knowing this.

…and Pitman arm at the steering box, these have been know to fall off (losing all steering) when worn. Standard MO on Disco is to replace all ball joints at 90,000 miles.

Thanks. We did replace the steering box. I’m making a list of all the usual suspects.