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Wheel stud replacement 1999 rodeo drum brakes

broke 2 wheel studs bought 6 new to replace all not enough room to remove or install studs how do you remove the knuckle from the axil to install new studs? 1999 isuzu rodeo rear wheel drum brakes. appreciate any help!

Rear drum brakes leads me to believe this is a rigid rear axle. The axle will need to be removed, or at least pulled out enough to get the studs out. You need a repair manual to find out the best way to do that.

ok thanks for the info?

According to my information, the brake drum should be held to the axle flange with a retaining screw. Remove the screw, remove the drum, and the studs will be press fitted into the drum from the inside.

Lots of folks hammer the old studs out and the new ones in, but I prefer an arbor press.

already have the front or outside of the drum rermoved, brakes removed but there is not enough room behind the flange to remove or ibnstall the new studs. I thought the flange could bne taken off so i could hammer the old ones out and the new ones in(like a rotor on disc brakes) but I guess its permanently connected to the axel. So i guess the only way to get behind it with room is to slide the axel out to make room. not really sure how to do this. i have a repair manual for this vehicle but it doesnt cover anything about what im doing i also broke one on the other side in the rear so i guess i would have to slide it out the other way too. this all came about because i bought some new wheels and tires online and thought removing the old ones and installing the new ones would be no problem any idiot could do that, right.


Looking at the rear axle, how is the axle assembled? Does it have a rear cover plate, or does the front pinion housing bolt to the axle housing? If it has a rear cover plate, the axles are probably held in with clips at the spider gears, and partial disassembly of the gears are required. If the pinion housing bolts to the axle housing, the axles are generally held by a bearing plate at the brakes. I’m surprised your manual doesn’t describe this.

I believe you have an O-type rear axle. Which means there are four nuts that retain the axle seal and bearing. On the flange where the brake drum mounts and where the studs are attached, there should be a hole that allows a socket and extension to pass thru to align with these nuts. Raise the vehicle on that side so the least amount of gear oil is lost. Loosen these nuts about 3/4’s of the way and pull the axle out. Take a dead blow hammer and smack out the old lug studs. Position the new studs in their holes. Stack some flat washers on each stud, install the lug nut and tighten to draw the studs into the flange. Retighten the axle flange to the axle housing.


With the brakes removed, there should be enough room between the axle flange and the backing plate to remove and replace the broken studs. You can drive the broken studs out with a brass drift and a heavy hammer, a small sledge hammer. Then slip the new ones in from behind, and uses a stack of large washers, some grease, and a new lug nut installed upside down, to pull the stud all the way into the flange. Use the grease to lubricate the threads and nut against the washers as you pull the stud in. Do NOT hammer on the stud directly or you will mushroom it, making it impossible to remove the stud by conventional means…You need a brass or aluminum drift to cushion the hammer blows…

If the stud refuses to be driven out, you will have to remove the axle and have them pressed. Axel’s are held in one of two ways. By the bearing, which is retained by the brake backing plate, or by a “horseshoe clip” in the end of the axle which requires you remove the differential cover, remove a spacing bar between the axles, push the axle in a little and remove the clip that retains it…This is NOT a job for amateur mechanics…

If the differential has no rear cover, then Testers info is correct…But there should be enough room between the flange and the backing plate so this is not necessary…

the backing plate is mounted to a flange behind it with 4 bolts the heads are spot welded on the outside the nuts and washers toward the inside of the vehicle. in the center of the flange that the wheel mounts to there is a round piece with a big indention in it sort of an odd shaped eight (roundish on each end with the middles coming in towards each other) is there a special tool that removes this piece? Not sure if you can remove it or not? I got the broken studs out on one side because they were shorter than the new ones but cant get the longer new ones in, tried turning the flange around to see if there was a spot where i could get them in but couldnt find one. I truley thank you guys for the help its really cool that yall spend the time that you do trying to help people out i appreciate your kindness you dont see a lot of it these days!