Front End Wobble at 25 mph


My M37 right front tire wobbles at 25 mph, but will cease to wobble at higher speed or when brakes are lightly applied. Is this a worn wheel bearing problem or other. I need to know in advance what is wrong such that I can source parts either for my self or a mechanic. Parts for a '62 M37 are not a standard item at the local auto parts.


Tire out of balance,
tire separation,
worn wheel bearings (you may hear a growling type noise from this),
worn suspension components,
or front end out of alignment are some causes.


I forgot to add: a bent rim.


Lose wheel nuts or sticking brake caliper on one of the front wheels. touch wheels or brake caliper after a drive. Becareful, calipers can get very hot if sticking. Wet fingers first. Good Luck.