Front driver's side tire wobble

The front driver’s side wheel on my 2002 ZX2 has started to wobble a bit. That is to say, when I hit speeds of around 40mph, it starts ‘vibrating’ and I can feel it through the bottom of the car, a sort of oscillating vibration. It doesn’t feel too loose as far as control goes, and the steering’s still fine on turns. The suspension feels a little rougher going over bumps, but I don’t know if that’s just me.

Had it in for inspection about two months back, and my mechanic said my bearings had a lot of play, though I’m not sure if loose bearings would make the wheel wobble like that? Haven’t been able to look out the window and see if it actually wobbles, considering the speed it happens at I don’t think it’d be too wise. I do know as well that the alignment is off.

What might be the problem, and how severe is it? Or in other words, am I okay for some cautious, low-speed driving for another week or two until I can get it fixed? (below 40mph, that is obviously).

I would not recommend driving the car in this condition until the problem is corrected. Should you lose a wheel, you’ll regret it.

Your mechanic might be right, the bearings might be shot. I see no reason to doubt his diagnosis.


IF the “wobble” is really a bad bearing, then it can fail at any moment. Failure means the wheels comes off and goes bouncing along and hopefully doesn’t hit anyone or cause an accident. The front of your car hits the pavement and you will have zero control of the car. If you don’t have an accident you’ll be lucky. Wherever the car comes to rest that’s where it stays until pushed or towed away. Exit the car immediately and get off on the side of the road. If it is raining, get out of the car anyway if it is in the roadway. You will be lucky if you only have a few thousand dollars of body and other damage to the car.

Does this all sound like it is a good idea to keep driving the car? It might be just a wheel out of balance, but you shouldn’t drive it until you make sure it isn’t a failing wheel bearing.

Thanks; looks like it’s gonna be garaged for a little bit.

A wise move.

Sincere best.