Front end "thump thump thump"

When I cut my wheels hard driving at slow speeds in a parking lot I hear a “thump thump thump” noise coming from the front end. My trusty mechanic has replaced the cv axel. On an out of town trip, it recurred and the Subaru dealer blamed the machanic’s recently-installed aftermarket cv axel. Even after the new Subaru part, it still thumps!! But not when the car is first started–only after it is warmed up.

What’s up. I am tired of replacing axels. Is it something else?

What year?
How many miles?

These thumping sounds are generally CV joints.

Thanks for your reply. Its a 2001 Forester with 167,000 miles. Both CV axels have been replaced–3 in the past 6 weeks.

Still thumps.