Rhythmic thumping on front Driver side

Hi everyone,

New to this forum, I was hoping to get some ideas from all of you on this issue.

I have a rhythmic thumping coming from the front Driver side of a 2003 pt cruiser.


  • It starts at about 20 mph.
  • It happens going straight and turning right but stops while turning hard left.
  • switching the tire doesn’t correct the issue.
  • replaced the wheel bearing and the issue is still present.
  • replaced lower control arm and end link and the issue still remains.
  • prior to changing these items, the wheel had play in the “3 and 9” position and the tire had inner wear. After changing, the play has stopped. As mentioned, already swapped the cupped tire to check if that was it (it’s not).

From what I can tell, the CV boots don’t look torn or have any obvious damage.

Im not entirely sure where to look from here. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

I would still suspect the CV joint/axle. You’ve replaced everything else. You don’t necessarily have to have clicking for a bad CV. The race could be cracked or worn and just hasn’t come apart yet. One I had thumped for the last 20 miles then came apart and all the ball bearings fell out. The wheel isn’t hitting the brake caliper or anything is it?


When it’s lifted and, the wheel spins without contacting anything.

That actually reminds me of another piece of info I forgot to include…it also only makes the noise under load. It doesn’t make it when lifted. Would this still be symptomatic of the CV axel in this case?

Danged if I know. I’m not a mechanic, just gone through a few axles in my time. Maybe one of the pros will respond.

I know you said left side but: check the bushing on the center of the right side CV axle. Also check the right side lower motor mount. I think I remember the design on that was a little weird. It cause clunking and torque steer on mine.