Thumping sound when turning hard at very low speeds

My 2004 5 speed Forester is making a very pronounced thumping sound/sensation when I am hard turning either left or right, going forward or back. Any ideas what this could be?

First thought is CV axle.

Another possibility is the Center Viscous Coupler. If the vehicle’s tires are not precisely matched in terms of tread depth, size, or even the brand, then excess wear of the Center Viscous Coupler is a very real possibility.

My vote is for the center viscous coupler so I’m in agreement with VDCdriver. It’s also not that rare of an event.,

My assumption, right or wrong is that this is an issue which has not been present before and has only surfaced in the not too distant past.
Subarus will have a tendency sometimes to wheel hop in sharp turns due to the zero scrub geometry in the front suspension but if this were the case it would have been doing it from the get-go.

The tires are all the same brand and have less than 7,000 mi. I only bought the car two months ago, though, and the problem has been present since I purchased it. So it is possible the Viscous Coupler was worn before the previous owner changed the tires.

From everything I’m reading on Subaru forums it seems like the Viscous Coupler is the culprit. Not exactly a cheap repair but it could be worse. Now I just need to find one! Thanks for the information VDC and Ok!

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