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Front end supension bushing ..the best brand?

96 town car ,cant find ford bushings only after market, polygraphite bushings seems to be one of the best. its flex’s more than poly-u and less than rubber. plus impervious to everything that kills bushings. I cant find a brands that says its has that material. anyone know where i can find or even something close . I’m sure there’s more than zero.

Plastic control arm bushings are for track cars, they are stiff and become noisy. OEM style rubber bushings are available and very affordable. Try Rockauto.

Poly bushings are not as harsh and noisy as you might imagine. Not just for race cars but not really appropriate for a Lincoln either. The rubber ones last 25 years so they aren’t really all that bad.

I’d only go poly if you can’t find rubber replacements.

Just get Moog bushings and be done with it

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I chose Moog for my 2007 Town and Country van because it has a shim to snug it up.

When you put the new bushings in, lubricate them. You can get silicone grease at the hardware store in the plumbing section.

If you use the polyurethane bushings, lubricate them. That will stop the squeaking noise when they are flexed.

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No matter what type of bushings you use, lubricate them.
Bushings separate metal parts that move relative to one another as the car rides. Without lubricant, you’ll have dry metal rubbing on rubber (or whatever polymer you use) with considerable force. The metal will destroy the rubber prematurely.