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Rear suspension bushings 1979 Celica

I’m getting bored being locked up, so I’m thinking about changing bushings in my beloved 1979 Celica’s suspension.


  1. Are polyurethane bushings better than Toyota OEM? I got 41 years out of the OEM’s. (If the replacements last 41 years, I’ll be 104 when changing out again, and by that time would have been a passenger in a hearse.), but would the ride be any better with poly?

  2. Coil springs? Worth changing out? I’ve rarely had more than two people in this car. Would the springs have worn more from weight, or just driving along bumps? I can get new “insulators” (top & bottom of springs), but OEM springs are not available

  3. This is interesting: Re: FSM torque specs. They have one spec for the rear lateral control rod x axle housing when remove/replace as part of coil spring replacement procedure, but another value for torque (again, control rod x axle housing) when just changing out the control rod! (26-39 ft/lb) vs. (30-55 ft-lb) respectively (same attachment point)
    In the separate torque specs section (back of book) they list 30 - 55 ft-lbs.

I changed out the brake and clutch fluid last week (did it last time 2 years ago). I’m just looking for something to do… This quarantine stinks!!!

  1. I have used polyurethane bushings… they aren’t as harsh as metal-on-metal spherical bushings but they aren’t as quiet as rubber. They aren’t more durable but poor ones will fail earlier. I’d go with rubber bushings.

  2. In theory, coil spring can wear out by breaking. Corrosion or stress can cause it. I’d just repalce the rubber isolators, de-rust the springs, paint and pop them back in.

  3. Split the torque difference…39 ft-lbs Falls into both groups.


What he said, but what about your shocks/struts?

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I replaced the rear shocks two years ago, with KYB. They looked exactly like the OEM ones (no longer available). I compared the “stiffness” of new vs old- not much difference, so the old OEM ones are in my basement (changed 20 years ago previously).

At any rate, thanks!!

Poly bushings may give crisper handling at the expense of greater harshness and noise. Lifespan depends on the quality of the product you choose.

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